Hanisch Law LLC., through its owner Will Hanisch, is proud to present CREDIT TIME SERVED (CTS), a mobile date range calculator with many additional features for both Andriod and iOS. As a public defender, Mr. Hanisch witnessed many individuals in the court room being denied credit for the days and sometimes weeks that they had served in custody. For four long years this problem stuck with him until he decided it was time to do something about the problem.  His solution was to devise a state of the art date range aggregator. This is not your basic days between calculator, but an application packed full of features for anyone involved in the justice system.   


Date Range Aggregator

CTS can calculate and aggregate up to 100 different date ranges! This allows for the most accurate calculations on the market.  With CTS, we do the math for the user so that not a single day served is missed.

Do not have access to the internet or data? With CTS that is no longer a concern as this mobile application is designed for the person on the go!

CTS has created a simple to use user interface so that even the least technologically savvy individual can calculate and advise with ease.  


Estimated Release Date

CTS allows the user to put the number of days of a sentence and determine an estimated release date.  This estimated release date takes into consideration not only the number of days already served but also statutory good time!  




Good time calculations could not be easier! Just flip the button and CTS does all the work using Colorado's statutory formula. CTS is able to assist the user in determining how many days an incarcerated individual will earn during the period of their sentence.